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Sodium sulphate is one of the most important minerals in the chemical industry. Sodium sulphate is the inorganic compound with formula Na2SO4 The mineral thenardite is natural sodium sulphate. It is soluble in water and has a salty taste like the mineral halite.
The primary use of sodium sulphate worldwide is in the powdered detergents. Sodium sulphate is a low-cost, inert, white filler in home laundry detergents.
Due to the major downturn in the world economics, despite the increase of liquid detergents, many customers have reverted to using more powdered detergents because they are less expensive than their liquid counterparts, which do not contain sodium sulphate.

Sodium Sulphate :

One of the major applications. As a raw material it regulates the density of the final product and its composition also has positive effects on the chemical processes taking place while washing. Additionally, its physical properties have favorable effects on the free flowing of the detergent, and prevents caking during storage.
Glass: Used as a source of sodium in the glass formula, sodium sulphate acts as a refining agent that prevents formation of bubbles in the melting glass, avoiding defects and weaknesses in the finishes product